Gwen Heffner
Women of Iron - Ashville Art Museum

Curatorial Statement

As a gallery owner for 13 years my love of curatorial work blossomed as I worked with different fine art and craft artists from all around the country. As a curator, I seek to showcase works that have been over-looked by others, or have not yet been recognized for their ingenuity. In my selection of works I look for quality - in design, execution, ideas, and innovative use of materials. I am always listening for that clear creative voice.

I have recently noted that my career has come full circle - and that all things seem connected. I am now asked to jury the same shows where I once sold my own work, or I am asked to give lectures on clay, porcelain, marketing, promotion, and all the other aspects of life one must master when making a living as an artist.

Independent Curator
Figure It: Forms of Human Expression - Ohio Craft Museum - 2014
Governor's Derby Exhibit - Kentucky Arts Council - 2014
Bluegrass Biennal Morehead State Univeristy - 2010
Best of Louisville Clay - Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft - 2009
Dinnerworks - Louisville Visual Art Assn. - 2008
Connections: We Are all One - Society of Layerists in Multi-media - 2007
Best of 2006 - Ohio Craft Museum and Mansfield Art Center - 2006
Below the River: The Legacy of Kentucky Folk Art - Ohio Craft Museum - 2005
The Test of Time - Southern Highland Craft Guild - 2001 - catalog written
Southern Women of Influence - Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft - 2001
Clay, Wood, Fire, Salt - National Invitational - Ohio Craft Museum - 2001
Southern Highland Craft Guild - 2000
Contemporary Folk Art - Appalachian Center for Crafts - 1998
Tell Me a Story: Makers From Appalachia - Ohio Craft Muesum - 1998 - catalog written
Women of Iron - Asheville Art Museum - 1998
Ohio Craft Museum - 1998

Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea
In my current job as Information Specialist at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, I direct the Center's Public Relations, Artisan Programming, and Curate 3-4 exhibitions each year - all of which serve to promote the Center and the over 650 artisans it represents.